I was going to go with another travel agency and had the trip planned out, all the pricing seemed right on, but two days prior to my deposit, the trip increased $200 for each person! I know that can happen but nothing was mentioned about it, no other options given nothing. The woman had only communicated with me via email, and never ever took the time to actually call me. It also seemed to take days to hear from her. So I looked elsewhere. Within 45 minutes of asking for a quote online I received a personal phone call from Vinny. I explained to him what happened, and asked him to price the same exact trip, it was cheaper, but he also then asked what we were looking for exactly. After explaining, he suggested a nice resort, that was adults only and had plenty of activities, that reminded me of the original resort that I really had my hopes on, but was outrageously expensive through the other agency, so I didn't even think it would be doable. Needless to say, not only was it $180 per person cheaper than the other resort we had picked, but we were given $300 in resort credit, and was upgraded to the Presidential Suite! But it doesn't stop there! Unfortunately, the boyfriend and I had some issues with our car and had to replace almost $800 worth of items with labor, right before the last payment was due. Vinny made sure that everything was still smooth and contacted the resort in regards to the last payment. He always returned my phone calls and emails promptly and always made sure to be upfront and I couldn't be more thankful for everything that he has done. He has a customer for life, and I can't wait to see what wonderful trips that he can plan for us in the future! My family also travels yearly, so I will make sure to tell them how awesome he is.

- Elizabeth R. What a wonderful group who works hard at finding the best prices and resorts to fit you. Just took our 2nd group trip through them and are in process of planning a dream Costa Rica trip for next year.

- Janice Mckee

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